After watching the interview that i have been waiting for, for so long i finally got to sit down and see what the red head has been up to since getting out. Because she is a good actress its hard to tell when she is keeping it 100 or not; i believe that if she really gets better people in her life she might just make it… Oprah has a touch that rarely can be touched… convincing her to not go to Europe and Lindsay actually not!!! going was nice to read at the end… i love oprah and have been following her career for my 25 years of life. Lindsay is apart of my generation, and after years of seeing her, do and deal with crap!!! “i want to see her win” as well, i agree with Oprah, i think she can use her heart and hurt to beat the demons… Fame is dangerous and hard… i have no idea what that is like and therefore seeing celeb after celeb never be as happy as a reg person, money really can’t buy happiness… so regardless of her money and ability to go and do whatever… her heart needs to heal… while she feels that there has been no wrong doing within her relationship with her parents, i disagree… while i applaud that she takes blame for her silly foolish ideas, Her parents by no means made it better… I cant trust her parents as far i can throw them… they both need to work on themselves to get all issues out and healed… People that arent all together cant help another person get their shit together… Reboot the fam, friends, enemies, everything and there should be success!!!! Peace and Love #teamLindsayImage


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